Published: 15-03-2019, Remon Verkerk

Data is fragile and an accident is often in a small corner. Unwittingly, files are erased or can no longer be accessed by, for example, hardware failure or at the hands of yet another outbreak of malicious software (malware). When this is business-critical data, holiday videos or wedding reporting, it’s nice if you have a backup to put back a copy of the data. Too often one discovers that such a backup is not present or that the backup medium is corrupt. PSG Forensics in this way with its partner Ontrack, restores your data in a highly professional way!

Even under the most extreme conditions, data recovery is possible.

To prevent data loss, as an entrepreneur, you need to apply the 3-2-1 backup rule. This rule simply states that a user – whether it’s a consumer or a company – must store precious data three times. In addition to the original data repository, such as your computer, NAS, or server, you need two other backups. These two should use different technologies, for example a combination of on-premise and cloud storage.

PSG Forensics is Authorized Partner of Ontrack, market leader in data recovery.

With over 50,000 successful recoveries per year, over 30 years of experience and 18 data recovery laboratories, across the world, our engineers are ready to solve even the most complex issues

Some tips to make sure backups don’t fail. For example, it is important to invest in a backup solution; in addition, it is advisable to have a backup plan ready. Secondly, it is wise to choose a correct backup interval; an interval that meets your needs. In addition, check the backup reports for error messages or failed backups, and test or check the hardware regularly. Finally, perhaps the most important advice: don’t panic when the backup doesn’t work and then don’t make hasty decisions. It is useful to contact an expert at all times. In consultation with our partner Ontrack, we inform you about the best approach without obligation. You often only have one chance!

Backup risks

  • The backup software is neither working.
  • There is not enough space on the backup storage device.
  • The backup profile does not cover the entire device, the data structure, all folders, and so on.
  • The remote device is occasionally only connected to the computer, server, or storage, and the backup is made manually.
  • The computer or storage device is not turned on when the backup is made.
  • Files are lost before the backup is made.

Free evaluation service

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And remember: prevention is still better than cure!