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About Us

PSG Recherche, a household name in high-quality research and advice for more than 10 years

PSG Recherche delivers meaningful research results that will allow you to achieve your right. Our experienced employees realize that the research they carry out can have a major impact on the relationships between them.

Our researchers work with an eye for the organization and the relationships between them and the mutual relationships. As unobtrusive as possible, they collect evidence in many different ways and will secure this evidence so that you can use it in your case.


Every research is different and requires a flexible approach. With many years of experience, PSG has developed numerous best practices to make the research a success. The trick is to continue to test these tried and tested methods and deviate where necessary if an investigation benefits from a different approach. PSG sets itself the goal of finding business to provide compelling evidence.


By constantly challengeeach other, our driven employees remain sharp and we always ask them to find the shortest way to find the solution. As a customer, we offer you enough space to think along with us about next steps, both before and after an investigation has begun.
To solve complex issues, groups are often better than an individual, according to research. In such a way, PSG works with heterogeneous experts with complementary skills, who make their contribution in an open and way.

Cross-border investigation within legal frameworks

PSG Recherche is a private research and advice agency. We investigate a wide range of abuses worldwide, ranging from patent infringement theft, data breaches, to sex and life crimes. With an extensive network of international partners, we can

Investigators from PSG Recherche

The employees of PSG in charge of the investigations have gained years of investigative experience in various specialist parts of the police and the Royal Marechaussee. In addition, our researchers regularly follow technical training courses to develop new research techniques.








Years of experience

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